It’s Grammar Week

learning-grammar-spellingTeaching is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and I always love when I can help out my local school district and teachers. This past week was Grammar Week at the Midsburough Elementary School, and one of the third grade teachers asked if I could take some pictures of the kids and their projects for the school monthly bulletin.

Grammar week happens every single year around the week containing National Grammar Day and its purpose is to help focus the kids’ attention on the basics of grammar and language early on in the school year. The kids’ projects ranged from coloring books, to board game, to quizzes, but all of them had to deal with the topic of grammar. One of the games that I saw was a board game version of monopoly only the questions were in the form of a fair vs. fare quiz. Another game was similar to Taboo, where you had to try to get the other player to say the grammatical term without saying a list of “taboo” words.

The day was full of fun and a great learning time for all of the students. Even I learned something at one of the projects. One question gave examples using was vs were and then asked which was correct, and I, embarrassingly, got them wrong!! I guess it’s a good thing I’m a photographer and not an English teacher.

Here we have one of the students with an art piece that he made for the fair.

Backpacking Through Yellowstone

what should be in a bug out bagWhile many people my age go some place “exotic” for spring break like Cancun or Myrtal Beach, I prefer to go some place where I can collect my thoughts and think about all that is around me—and of course take some great photography.

This year that trip was surviving  a week long backpacking trip through Yellowstone National Park—just me and my condor assault pack review. It was an absolutely splendid time and there aren’t many more naturally prestine places like this left in the United States. The raw beauty of everything that was around me was amazing. That and just about everything was photo worthy. Scaling thousand foot cliffs, hundred feet waterfalls, and of course Old Faithful! I must have a few thousand pictures that I took over the course of my trip that I am still sifting through. I posted just a few year. They are hundreds more!

I think the best part of the outdoors experience is being in the outdoors all day and all night. It really makes you think of a simplier time. I couldn’t even get cell phone reception if I wanted it! What I did do, just to be safe, however, was to assemble a week long bug out bag with all of the necessary survival equipment that I would need. I had water, food, shelter, and anything else that I might need on my trip in case I got stranded.

Just for anyone else thinking about doing a similar trip, this is absolutely essential to make sure you are safe. You always want to be prepared for anything the outdoors can bring your way—an unexpected cold front or rain storm can leave you stranded and you need to be prepared. To avoid this kind of situation, do some research for the top bug out backpack packing checklist for your trip and make sure it has everything that you will need.

Designing Graphics for Accounting Firms

capital employed and interest earned accounting brochure

This week I had the opportunity to travel to New York to work with a few different public accounting firms on their new brochures and handouts for clients and potential employees. This was a great corporate gig that allowed me to see the city and learn about general accounting principles.

The main brochure that I will be designing is educational and focuses on teaching the concept of ROCE or return on capital employed. I had a chance to take some amazing photos of the accounting buildings and offices for the front cover of my booklet.

The second project that I will be working on for this firm is an explanation of the times interest earned ratio formula and how it relates to clients’ success as well and fiscal stability. I plan to make this colorful and interesting for people to read and look at.

I’m excited to get back into my graphic designer roots and make a few projects like this. Don’t get me wrong. My main passion is photography, but it is nice to work on some more designed oriented projects every once in a while. I’ll keep you guys updated on how it turns out!

A Trip to the New Age Dentist

Tooth implants in Ann Arbor and Simsbury

I recently did a photo shoot for a new dental practice that was opening up near my hometown. They do standard dental work, everything from teeth cleaning to dental implants in the Simsbury Connecticut area. It is run by a family friend, and I said that I would help them out with some promotional photos that they could include in brochures and banners. Their new location really is quite amazing; it’s different than any other dentist I have ever seen before.

They have their stations set up with little pod-type areas with cool colors and neat designs around the chairs. It really is a modern set up. When I asked them how they decided on such a unique set up, they told me that a dental office in Ann Arbor Michigan giving dental implants surgery gave them the inspiration. They said they fell in love with the unique colors and shapes in that office and wanted to see if they could recreate it.

Picture above is their main operating room for teeth cleanings.

Lessons in Guitar Photography

lessonsI have had the privilege of doing all kinds of photo shoots before. Most of my experience is in portraits and some landscapes, but I’ve never really done and stills of products. One of my good friends is a guitar teacher and he wanted me to take some pictures of his prized guitars. Obviously, I agreed! He said that he would give me free online guitar lessons for beginners if I made a small collage of his photos. I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar, so this was a great opportunity.

After the photo shoot was done, he even gave me a short history lesson about electric guitars and where they came from. He even explained fender guitar serial numbers to me. I have to admit I had no idea there was so much to learn. We had a ton of fun and got some great pictures out of it. Thanks, Evan!

Beautiful Portrait


One of the busiest times of the year for me is during the late summer and early fall when senior pictures are being taken. I have amassed quite a good clientele in senior photo photography and it really helps me experiment with some of my other ventures throughout the year.

Senior pictures are quite fun, however, because really are family pictures. The student wants to looks cool and cute, the parents want good pictures that they can remember them with, so everyone in the family is working with you on the photos.

Some students like to get more candid pictures while some like the traditional ones. Other students want to go down to the beach or near an old train track for their photos while others don’t care much about the background. Here is a senior photo I took for a girl names Stella who wanted hers to be more of a modeling picture.

New Band Photos


I always enjoy photographing musical groups for different artwork or promotional materials. In this case, it is a friend of mine’s band who has a new album coming out soon. This will be one of the photos featured on the vinyl insert.

Photographing bands is really different from any other kind of photography because they have a much different dynamic. They usually exhibit the crazy “rock and roll” lifestyle that makes for an anything goes photo shoot. This is totally fine with me, so long as they don’t hurt my equipment, which hasn’t yet happened to fine by me.

There is always room for some great candid shots that everyone gets a good laugh at later on and, of course, some more serious ones. This pictures is one of the serious ones.



Italy was an amazing place to visit. Seeing the ruins of the greatest empire in history was absolutely spectacular. The Roman buildings and structures that are featured so prominently in Rome and Florence are amazing. The leaning tower of Pisa was a great photo-op too.

What I liked more than anything about Italy was how much stone is used in everything. Stone buildings, walk ways, streets, bridges, etc. Stone makes for much more interesting photography than just paved streets. It’s a signature of the past making its stamp on modern photography. Truly the past calling back to us.

This picture was taken on one of those many stone pathways that are just so picturesque and beautiful to capture. As you can see there is a couple walking in the background with a sunset behind them. Quite a remarkable image.

European Vacation


My first trip to Europe was an incredible journey, and no city was better than Paris. As boring as it sounds, every cliché that you heard about Paris is true. It really is the romantic city everyone makes it out to be. My friends who were with me had to stop me from taking so many pictures I was stopping us from touring the city.

Hopefully I can go back again someday because there was a lot left to see. A city so rich in culture and history can’t be taken in in just a two-day stop! We would have stayed longer, but Paris was just a stop on our trip through Europe and we had more ground to cover and more pictures to take!

This picture was obviously taken during one of nights downtown in Paris visiting the Eifel Tower.